Top 5 Water Parks in the World

What better place to go during the hot summer months than a water park? With plenty of rides, attractions, and various entertainment, you and your entire family are guaranteed to have a good time! Listed below are the top five water parks in the whole world, their attractions varying from comfortable and lazy river rides to intense, adrenaline pumping slides.

Whichever one you choose, you’re going to be getting your money worth!

1) Area 47 (Innsbruck, Austria)

Named one of the world’s top water parks, Area 47 is one of the most fast-paced and intense parks out there.

From its 20,000 feet of rides where patrons must actively climb, jump, and interact, with its beautiful scenery featuring the famous mountains and forests of Austria, this park is a must see.

The thrilling ride known as the Cannonball shoots riders out above the entire park at speeds of almost 30 mph, giving both a beautiful view and an in-person physics lesson.

“This was just what you needed to get your head up at the end of a strenuous day,” reviewed one patron.

2) Water World (Bejing, China)

Formerly China’s National Aquatic’s Center and a host of 2008’s Olympic Games, Water World is the largest and most exciting water park in all of Asia.

The massive structure known as the RideHouse is an enormous complex that contains 103 features and seven separate slides, giving riders an expansive and varied experience suiting such a large park.

A separate but no less enjoyable ride is the Tornado, a spiraling, cone-shaped slide that uses water rather than turns in the slide itself to spin visitors in a shape that is indeed reminiscent of a tornado, more than living up to the terrible name.

“It’s exciting and amazing,” raved one patron.

3) Caribbean Bay (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)

Part of the Overland Resort, Caribbean Bay is both an indoor and outdoor park, offering a reprieve from that summer sun with no pause in the fun.

The world’s largest wave pool, the Sea Wave is world-famous for offering 8-foot waves, while the Fortress has the world largest lazy river with 2.4 tons of water.

Meanwhile, the Aquatic Center is entirely indoors, offering slides such as the Quick Ride and River Way as well as indoor spas, relaxation rooms, and the Infant Pool designed for small children to play in.

As one reviewer said, “It’s well worth a visit.”

4) World Waterpark (Alberta, Canada)

Located in West Edmonson Mall, World Waterpark is an intense and thrilling vacation for any visitor.

The Twister and Cyclone are the tallest among 17 water slides, both reaching 83 feet high and ensure a hair-raising and heart-pounding experience. Each offering plenty of twists and turns, no one could resist sliding down these attractions. The Tsunami opened in 2014, is meant to allow for riders to surf and wakeboard for a fun and personal experience, actively participating in a fast and endless ride.

“I have been to many water parks around the world, and this one rates as THE BEST!” said one enthusiastic reviewer.

5) Tropical Islands (Krausnick, Germany)

Set in the middle of sandy beaches, waterfalls, and the best scenery Germany has to offer, Tropical Islands is a paradise meant to ensure a calming, relaxed vacation for anyone.

With 114,830 feet of open water rides set in the beautiful rainforest and tropical scenes, Tropical Islands is a nature-lovers dream. It even offers sports areas for the most active patrons and relaxation areas for the more stressed.

The Whitewater River is 250 feet of Germany’s most intense and fun water slides, set up to offer the most varied experience possible.

“Tropical Island is like nothing else,” said one satisfied visitor.