Top Secrets about Disneyland

Disneyland is probably on every child’s wish list regarding holidays. It has that unusual mix of fantasy adventure, lots of magical characters who they have got to love through the years and the fun of a theme park. It is no wonder that it is so popular with kids of all ages.

You might think that you know a lot about Disneyland, especially if you have been there multiple times before. However, there are many secrets about this magical place that you might not know. That’s what this article is all about – to give you and idea of some of these secrets so you can amaze your kids or your friends next time you visit.

Firstly, you know that crest that is above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Well, the truth is that this is the crest of the Disney family. Further, despite common belief that it is just for show, the drawbridge of the castle works and has been raised on at least two occasions in the past. In fact, the castle was designed, so it was very interactive.

Secondly, if you head down Main Street, you will see in the store fronts that there are lots of special window dedications. These have been put here to play credit to lots of people who have had a role, of whatever size, to do with the parks. Most of them refer to fictional business names but include the person’s name. For example, Walt Disney, who was, of course, central to the park in the first place, has his dedication by the cinema and is labeled as ‘Disneyland Casting Agency’. The employee must have retired before they get any window dedication.

Thirdly, if you visit the Disneyland Railroad at a certain time, you will experience the very unique car which is only used for VIPs. It is known as the Lilly Belle Pullman Car and takes VIP guests on special tours of the park. It is dressed in an incredibly plush manner on the inside and even has stained glass windows.

Fourthly, you probably don’t have any idea that Main Street itself is based on the design of a real town – Marceline in Missouri – which is where Walt Disney grew up as a boy. It was redesigned from his memory. However, it has been built in such as way that the perspective changes depending on which way you are walking up it. If you are heading towards the castle, then it seems like a short, easy walk. However, if you are leaving the park, then it will seem as if it is much further away, even though it is the same distance!

Fifthly, if you happen to be at the park overnight (which you won’t be because it will be shut up), you will see lots of cats. The park releases about 200 feral cats every night to catch mice. They can occasionally be seen during the day. If you see one, this is the reason why.

There we have it – five amazing things that you might not previously have known about Disneyland! Have a great trip next time you go and try and recall these facts to the people who you are with. They will be amazed.